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You’ll never have to worry about finding Hana Jobs or reaching Hana Candidates.  

SapHanaJobs.com is a job board that helps you find the perfect job or reach the perfect candidate.

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Job-Board for finding local and remote SAP HANA  jobs and candidates

Free for all, Candidates and Recruiters

For Candidates 

1. Full access to company details. 

2.  Hide or show your contact details.

3.  Project Support Services available 

SapHanaJobs is a job-board that helps you find the perfect job. Whether you’re looking for a new career or a place to find training information and support for your current or next project.

  • Resume Profile

  • Personal Hana Server 

  • on job support

Build or Install

Need a Personal Server for training or demos.

Getting ready for that exam.

We can provide you with a Hana Personal Server Pre-Installed on your laptop or one we provide.  Send Email to jjraskin@saphanajobs.com with subject line: Laptop Hana

For Recruiter - 

Nothing to say.  It is FREE to use. - 

Need Help? If you want us to post your jobs, we can for only $1:00 a post or we can set up auto import of your jobs into or database via RSS daily feed.  $75 a month.  Use form below to request details.