Tao Ying did not want to reply one by one, so she picked Qianqian as a representative and only replied to her text message. Qianqian: [Cousin ~ Cousin ~ Is it true what Ye Ling said just now?] Tao Ying: [Sorry, I was busy just now.] Tao Ying: Are you talking about what Ye Ling said during the game? It’s true.] Not long after Tao Ying’s message was sent out, Qianqian replied. Qianqian: [The ones uploaded by Tieba, saying that Ye Ling is a rich second generation visiting incognito, are all false?] Tao Ying: [Of course it’s fake.] Tao Ying: [Ye Ling in our family is the child of an ordinary family. He is not even the child of an ordinary family.] Qianqian: [Cousin, why don’t you clarify?] Tao Ying: [There are so many rumors about Ye Ling. How can I have the strength to clarify them one by one? Anyway, they are all the YY of some fans. Why should I say so clearly and let the fans be disillusioned?] Qianqian: [But now there are sunspots, talking about those rumors in Tieba. They also slander Ye Ling, saying that he lied or something.] Tao Ying: [Hehe ~ If I had asked Ye Ling to clarify earlier, they might not have said that Ye Ling was’selling miserably for fans’.] Tao Ying: [Whatever they say. Since they are all anti-fans, naturally they can find fault no matter what we say.] Qianqian: [I know, cousin.] Tao Ying thought this was the end of their conversation. She thought it was not good to be too cold with other people,interactive whiteboard prices, so she replied to everyone who sent her a message, and let them ask Qianqian if they didn’t understand. After all the messages were sent, Tao Ying was about to turn off her cell phone, but Qianqian sent her another message. Qianqian: [Cousin, I have another question,facial recognition thermometer, can I ask you?] One more question? And it took so long to’remember ‘the question to ask? Tao Ying smiled and guessed the question she wanted to ask: “Do you want to ask me the whole life experience of Ye Ling?” Qianqian: [Cousin, you are so clever.] Qianqian: [Several sisters in the core fan group have asked me to ask my cousin, but we don’t force it. If my cousin feels inconvenient, she doesn’t have to answer.] Tao Ying looked at her cell phone and hesitated. She used the fastest speed to analyze the two results after her “answer” and “no answer”, and finally. She picked up her cell phone and sent a message to Ye Ling first, telling him not to mention his life story in front of anyone from now on. Then, she began to reply to Qianqian by text message: [Although I am Ye Ling’s cousin, in fact, we are not very close. I only know that he has lost his father since he was born. He grew up with his mother, and the conditions at home are very ordinary.] Qianqian: [Cousin, smart whiteboard price ,temperature screening kiosk, do you know who is the’noble ‘in Ye Ling’s mouth?] Tao Ying: [I know, but before I say the answer, I hope you won’t be too surprised later.] Qianqian: [OK, I promise I’m not surprised. Cousin, you can say it.] Tao Ying: [The noble person he said is actually me.] Tao Ying: [Didn’t I tell you before that Ye Ling and I were not close to each other? In fact, it was because Ye Ling’s mother was recognized by her family not long ago, and I recognized Ye Ling not long ago, so I knew that the famous Ye Ling was actually my cousin.] Tao Ying: [And the reason why Ye Ling’s mother suddenly came to recognize us is that she suddenly became seriously ill. She was afraid that Ye Ling would have no one to take care of her after she died, so she came to recognize her ancestors.] Tao Ying: [Things are almost like this. You can digest it. If you don’t understand, you can ask me.] Holding the mobile phone, although under the hint of Tao Ying has been ready for psychological preparation, but she is still really stunned. She never thought that the story would unfold like this! Qianqian had a good’digestion ‘, and then asked by text message: [Does the’difficulty’ that Ye Ling said before refer to his mother’s serious illness?] Chapter 115 not happy. Tao Ying: [Yes.
】 Tao Ying: [But his mother had an operation in time, and the operation was successful.] Qianqian: [Good.] Qianqian: [Does my cousin pay all the money for Ye Ling’s mother to see a doctor?] Tao Ying: [Yes.] Qianqian: [Is it true that Ye Ling said before that he came to the competition just for the prize money?] Tao Ying: [I don’t want to admit it, but it’s true.] Qianqian: [Does Ye Ling want to get the bonus to pay back her cousin’s money?] Tao Ying: [I never urged him to pay me back. Even when I gave him the money, I didn’t ask him to pay it back.] Tao Ying: [But I don’t know what he thinks.] Qianqian: [En En ~ I understand. I have no more questions, cousin. Tao Ying: [Ok, let me tell you one thing now.] Qianqian: [Cousin, you say.] Tao Ying: [I told you these things about Ye Ling’s life experience today. At most, you can only spread them in the small range of the core fan base, large groups or Tieba, and try not to publicize them. If Ye Ling knows that I am’talkative ‘behind his back, he will be very unhappy.] Tao Ying: [Especially this part about me, please keep it secret for me. I am just an ordinary person, and I just want to live an ordinary life quietly, thank you ~] Qianqian: [Cousin, you’re welcome. It should be me. Thank you for telling me this, and something about confidentiality. This is what I should do.] Tao Ying: [En En ~ About Ye Ling’s true situation, since he has said a part, then you reveal a little bit, there should be no problem. I’m sure you’re a man of measure and should know what to do. Qianqian: [Thank you for cousin’s trust,facial recognization camera, I will certainly live up to cousin’s trust, please rest assured ~!] Tao Ying looked at this message of determination, with six letters and four uncertainties in her heart. hsdtouch.com

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