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Top 10 Jobs in SAP HANA to include what is sap hana, bw sap hana and jobs in sap hana

Top 10 jobs in SAP Hana

Beore we can discuss the top 10 jobs in SAP HANA. Let us take a look at "what is SAP HANA".

Whai is SAP HANA

SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is an appliances that uses a in memory  column  and row database to process an massive amount of dala all in real time. While is uses column and row store. It is the column store that gives it its power.


Now lets take a look at the top 10 jobs in SAP HANA. 


Top 10 SAP HANA Jobs (In no order)

  1.  SAP BW/4 HANA
  2. SAP HANA Finance and Controlling
  3. SAP Central Finance
  5. SAP HANA Developer
  6. SAP HAHA Architect
  7. SAP HANA Human Capital Management (HCM)
  9. SAP HANA Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  10. SAP HANA Sales and Distribution (SD)


This is known by many names or terms to include BW SAP HANA, BW on HANA, BW for HANA and more.

But the current name of the product as of now is BW/4 HANA.

Why is this first on the list. Frankly speaking if you know BW then BW/4 HANA or even Native HANA is a breeze. The whole concept of HANA is based on the BW model.

Click the link to learn more about BW/4 HANA.

SAP HANA Finance and Controlling

So why is SAP considered second on the list of top 10 SAP jobs in HANA or sap HANA jobs.  Try to find SAP project that doesn't include SAP Finance and I will show you are project with little long term planning. This is the area where you will find the most open positions.  Controlling play a part as they are now integrated vi the Universal Journal.

The Universal Journal

The flat model allows for better integration of SAP Application.   Example would be FI and CO accessing a Central Universal Journal. 

SAP Universal Journal

SAP Central Finance

SAP Central Finance is really a combination of a software Addon and a business process.  In the end we still land data into the Universal Journal.  But how we get there is the trick.    The beauty is that current finance system can stay in place, while rolling out the new SAP HANA Finance System.  "Transparent to the customer.. :-)

In short... It allows a customer with multiple finance systems to replicate FI documents into Central Finance system.   Pass through with trackability.




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