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SAP HANA in Simple Terms 



A New Simpler Data Model

The new data model was switched/based on column store vs row store. S/4 was placed on top of HANA for Enterprise Information management.

Gone are the complex model as of HANA 2.0.
HANA does in memory computing. Good bye Index and aggregation management as it is done on the fly.

Simple in short: - The switch from row base to column base tables is the key.  Still use row in some situation but the new design along with in memory index tables and allow for on the fly aggregation.  


An Improved User Experience

Remember the SAP GUI.  A lovely thing.  Well its time as come.  You may see it or even make calls to it still from time to time. But the SAP GUI as we grew up with stays with ECC.  

For HANA, it is Fiori.  Role base tiles.  The User can now  easily navigate all authorizes areas within HANA.

Plus it is security persons dream.  Roles and Tiles naturally work well together. 


Complete Integration

The flat model allows for better integration of SAP Application.   Example would be FI and CO accessing a Central Universal Journal. 



New Technologies

1. Machine Learning

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. IOT

All possible , in real time with SAP HANA. 


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